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About us

Böck Staubschutzsysteme KG is a mid-sized, family-owned company from Trostberg, near Chiemsee lake in Germany, that has been on the market for over 35 years. Our original idea was to offer blueprint sleeves, which today has proved its worth more than a million times! After a change of generations in the company, we have continuously developed our range of products. We take greatest pleasure in bringing new ideas to the market! That is why we came up with the idea of introducing the revolutionary BlitzTape to the German market.

We sell to end consumers as well as construction companies, customers from the skilled crafts and trades sector and the most varied industries, as well as to official authorities. We currently have a customer base of 50,000 companies in all of Europe. Of course, many private customers have also been purchasing our products for decades.

The Böck company lives off its ideas - from their conception and development over market testing to production and distribution for practical use by users all over Europe. All of our products at Böck are of stellar quality and have a practical and user-friendly area of application.

Apart from our Blitz Tape, we also offer blueprint sleeves and all the necessary material to ensure a dust-free working environment at construction sites in our online shop We also offer a great variety of container and platform nets.